Montague Street: Pressing On To The Higher Calling of Issue 2

My previous post confessed to feeling overwhelmed by how very much one is faced with when one joins the world called  What We Talk About When We Talk About Bob Dylan. And how hard it is for many of us to resist joining this world. Or fray.  Or conversation.  Which brings me to the great pleasure of inviting you to the 2nd issue of Montague Street,  our Brooklyn-based print journal whose first issue was released in December 2009. Issue 2 is just about to go to the printer, and we plan to ship on October 1.

In Issue 2, you can read Stephen Scobie’s incisive and poignant thoughts on doors, a previously unpublished interview with Jerry Wexler conducted by writer Scott Marshall, a terrific new consideration by Vince Farinaccio of Eat the Document, Terry Kelly’s review of Clinton Heylin’s Still on the Road,  poet and Dylan writer John Gibbens’  new look at Brownsville Girl through the movie that frames the song, an overview of the doctors–best friends or Filth—that populate Dylan’s songs, original poems and artwork inspired by Dylan, and more. We’ve got a total of fifteen articles, 8 on the theme of confinement,  5 separate essays, and 2 interviews. Our goal of fostering a globe-encircling community of Dylan writers and artists is wonderfully successful with this issue: we have contributors from locales including Australia, Luxembourg,  Great Britain, Canada, and New Jersey.

I’m posting Issue 2’s  Table of Contents below, so you can see the full range of contributions. Please don’t hesitate to email me with any questions or comments at, or  If you are a friend from Issue One, welcome back. If you’re a new friend, welcome.


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