All Those Who Want To Sail With Us

images-1 images-2If you happen to cultivate enthusiasm for either the man at left or the man at right, or–even better–you cultivate an enthusiasm for both of these gentlemen, I have a special invitation for you. Just pencil in the 2nd Monday of every month and see below:

3The New York Bob Dylan Meet-Up Group has changed our monthly get togethers to this venue, the Kettle of Fish, on Christopher St just off Sheridan Square in the west Village. Oh sure, there’s Bob Dylan history trailing the different locations the bar has called home during its life. But it also happens to be the closest thing to home that cheeseheads can enjoy in New York. This means that if you wish to drop by and meet Bob Dylan fans, and then find that discussing the relative merits of fifteen different live versions of In the Garden is more taxing than you expected, you would be able to  amble over to the bar and talk about the Green Bay Packers with the warm and hospitable owners and denizens of the Kettle.


When: Meets the 2nd Monday of every month. 6 PM–

Where: The Kettle of Fish 59 Christoper St

Next meeting: Monday, October 12

Please drop by if you want to talk Bob. We are diverse, opinionated, and friendly.


1 thought on “All Those Who Want To Sail With Us

  1. Lucas Stensland October 5, 2009 — 8:49 PM

    These meet-ups are lively, discussions are very good and the people are friendly. I always look forward to them.

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