Teachers Teach


Earlier this year I used this blog to write weekly reports on the pleasures and provocations of Bob Levinson’s Dylan discussion class at the 92nd St Y in New York. Bob  is unable to continue leading the course, and this privilege and felicity has fallen to me.

images-2The class runs for 12 Tuesday sessions, 8-10 PM, beginning Oct 6.  I am busy scheduling guests for the sessions, and hope to get together a range of writers, teachers,  musicians, and other folk who are eager to offer what they know and what they do to discussions about Bob Dylan’s work then and now and everything in between. Over the years, Bob Levinson created a wonderful sense of ongoing community with this class: guests and attendees enjoyed an informal, enthusiastic, and challenging atmosphere in the room. My goal is to do exactly the same. I can post here the roster of guests as the scheduling firms up.

images-6Here is the building on 92nd St and Lexington Ave where the class will be held, and here is the link to the class on 92Y’s web catalog: http://www.92y.org/shop/class_detail.asp?productid=AM3GA19

If anyone has any questions about this, or suggestions for Dylancentric guest speakers in the NY area, please feel free to email me directly at gardenerisgone@gmail.com.

images-10I guarantee lively conversations, a great selection of music, excellent people.


1 thought on “Teachers Teach

  1. Sounds great.

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